It’s an Inside Job

It has been said that healing practitioners can only go as deep with their clients/patients as they are willing to go within themselves.  As caregiving professionals, we are trained in and spend a great deal of time assessing and healing others.  It is important to contemplate, look within and to work through personal issues such as unhealthy patterns of behavior, faulty belief systems and personal traumas.   The work can be difficult and require great vulnerability, but strength can be found within by working at such depth.

The greatest gift we can give to others is to live and work work from a place of wholeness found within ourselves.  The gifts we receive by doing our inner-work can include the ability to connect deeply with self and others, compassion, wisdom, intuition, clarity and an unwavering inner-compass.  As caregivers we have the honor and opportunity to touch the lives of everyone we come into contact  with.  It is our responsibility to be the best we can be when doing our work as caregivers.  Compassionate service can be increased when we have the ability to connect deeply with our heart and soul.

Utilizing counseling and therapy services, consulting with a life coach, meditation, yoga, spending time in nature, spiritual retreats, artistic expression and journaling are practices that can assist with personal discovery and healing.  When seeking outside help with your inner-journey it is important to find a professional who has has a commitment to both his/her inner-work and the healing of others.  One can guide others better from a place of personal experience and proficiency.  Enjoy the journey!


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