Occupational Stress

Some occupational stress is considered normal, however excessive stress can have an adverse impact on your productivity and negatively affect your physical and emotional health.  Although it is impossible to control everything in your work environment, it doesn’t mean that you are powerless, even when encountering difficult situations.

Occupational stress is a reality that the professional can counterbalance with effective self-care strategies.  Self-care has been linked to burnout prevention because it increases resiliency in the professional.  Handling stress well from the inside-out is essential for successfully navigating life’s challenges.  The goal of our courses is to provide each participant with awareness, inspiration, ideas and techniques to counterbalance stress encountered within both personal and professional life situations.

Having healthy employees contributes to a healthy organization.  Benefits for the organization that provide employees with stress management training can include better service, increased productivity, decreased absenteeism and better inter-staff relations.