Reduce Your Chemical Load

There are many ways in which we overstress our bodies, including the chemical loads we place upon them. The human body seems to function best when it is cared for naturally, yet in today’s day and age we often overlook the unnatural products we use and the effect those have on our health.  Placing a large chemical burden on the body can reduce the effectiveness of its organs (ex. liver and kidneys), systems (ex. nervous, lymphatic, immune) and more…..potentially leading to imbalance and health problems.

Examples of the products we use and consume which often have chemicals include pesticides (used in the home and on our foods), cleaning supplies, laundry soap, fabric softener, products used on our skin (ex soap, shampoo, lotion), perfume/cologne and air freshener.

There are healthier versions or replacements of the above products which can be used.  There are “green” pesticide services, such as “Go Green” that use organic products such as peppermint or rosemary oil rather than harsh chemicals to rid your home of spiders and insects.  Certified organic food can be purchased that is free of pesticides often used in the growth and production process.  Meat that is labeled free of antibiotics and steroids is also available.  These foods can be purchased at a natural grocery store or in the natural foods section of the grocery store.  If you can’t afford to buy organic food or are unsure of where to begin, start by researching the “Dirty Dozen”, those foods that have been found to have the highest concentration of pesticides.

A mixture of distilled white vinegar and water can be used as a cleaning solution that has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.  “Green” cleaning products are easy to find at the health food store or in the natural foods section of the grocery store.

“Free and clear” versions of laundry soap are preferable to those with fragrance and dyes.  These can easily be found wherever you usually purchase detergent and green versions are available at the natural grocery store.  Eliminating the use of fabric softener is best to avoid irritation and/or chemical exposure to the skin.  Natural soaps and sulfate-free shampoos are best for the skin and can be found in natural food stores.  Reducing or eliminating perfumes, colognes and air fresheners can also help to lighten your chemical load.  Essential oils can be used as a natural replacement of perfumes and air fresheners.

It is important to include methods of detoxification into your self-care regimen.  It is recommended that you seek the advice of your medical doctor, holistic doctor, or appropriate medical professional if you have questions regarding detoxification methods or beginning a new detoxifying regimen.  Some gentle methods of detoxification include eating greens on a regular bases, drinking plenty of filtered water, exercising to the point of perspiration several times a week, taking regular Epsom salt baths (add 2 cups of Epsom salt to a bath as warm as you are comfortable for 30 minutes), sitting in an infrared sauna (no longer than 30 minutes) and detoxifying foot baths.

Taking a natural approach to caring for your body is helpful to keep it functioning optimally.  Awareness regarding chemical exposure is a good place to start.  Fortunately, replacements and substitutions for products containing chemicals are readily available.  Going “green” or getting back to nature with your self-care is another great way to ease the stress put upon your body.


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