Relaxing Baths for Stress Relief

Relaxing baths are a great way to warm up and relax during the holiday season, winter months, or anytime.  Taking a bath upon arriving home from a stressful day of work can help to ease tension and restore peace prior to engaging in nightly activities with family and friends.  A bath taken nightly before heading off to bed can assist in deep, restful and rejuvenating sleep.

A good soak can be enhanced by adding 2 cups of epsom or sea salt to relax muscles, eliminate toxins and cleanse the energetic field of the body.  Adding a few drops of essential oils such as rose, sage, or lavender to your bath can create a nice aroma and have healing properties.

You can create a spa environment while taking a bath by dimming the lights and lighting candles.  Relaxation can be enhanced by listening to nature sounds such as ocean waves, waterfalls, rain, chirping birds, etc.  A bath is also a great time to listen to a guided meditation.  Click Here to enjoy the cleansing meditation, a meditation/visualization exercise on water that cultivates relaxation, letting go and energy renewal.

Taking some time out to luxuriate in a relaxing bath can be both stress relieving and nourishing.  Doing small things like this for yourself can feel like wonderful gifts of nurturing.


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