“We recruited Suzie DeVaughn with Self Care Specialists for a session during our team’s annual retreat, and her time spent with us was just “what the doctor prescribed.” As dedicated, hardworking employees who work in health and senior care — our team benefited immensely from Suzie’s educational presentation, uplifting lecture, relaxation/de-stressing techniques and breathing exercises, and of course the healthy but delicious treats. Suzie’s stellar speaking abilities and unparalleled relationship building skills helped our team come together, feel reinvigorated, and ready to take on new challenges. I’d highly recommend Suzie to address any professional group and apply her expertise for a great outcome – the team definitely comes out re-energized and stronger.”  ~Shakila Saifullah, Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Via Christi Villages, Inc.

Suzie is a genuine and dynamic speaker! She walks the talk…and only provides information that she, herself, utilizes. Give yourself the gift of taking care of YOU and go to one of Suzie’s training workshops today.” ~Becky S. Corbett, MSW, ACSW, President & CEO, BSCorbett Consulting, LLC.

“Suzie is an organized and knowledgeable speaker and I believe she brings a lot of personal and professional experience to the table. I was highly motivated after her presentation, and I continue to be inspired by her every time I see or talk to her. I definitely plan to attend another one of her seminars or workshops in the future!” ~Kresta Dundas, Manager of Membership Development, Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce

“Suzie recently presented at our Spring Forum regarding the ethical practice of self-care for professional caregivers.  Such an important issue for all of us who work with individuals that are in emotional pain.  We often immerse ourselves in our work without thought of the impact on our own emotional and physical health. Suzie shared great wisdom gleaned from her personal and professional experiences.  We all walked away with self-care tools for ourselves, our students and clients.  Thank you, Suzie, for the breath of fresh air you provided and permission to take time for ourselves.  This presentation is for all of us in this very chaotic and demanding world that we live in! ~Cathy Accurso, LSCSW, Associate Director of Field Education, University of Kansas

“Suzie understands that working for others often places us in a stressful environment and that taking care of oneself is essential to successfully influence change. She walks you through relaxing exercises, many of which have immediate affects and only take a few minutes. Take care of yourself and plan to attend one of her seminars or workshops as soon as you can.”  ~Stephanie Flaming, Operations Director, Nonprofit Chamber of Service

“Suzie was fantastic and helped our staff tremendously with our compassion fatigue issues.  She presented some great statistics and provided us numerous ways to combat our problems, and attempt to reduce our stress levels.  The meditation we did at the end of the workshop was fantastic.  I would highly recommend her for any other organization who may be having trouble with compassion fatigue in their workplace.”  ~Mark Eby, President/CEO, Kansas Humane Society

See what participants have said about our training workshops…    (comments taken from anonymous course evaluations)

“I thought this was a very beneficial training to attend and I will be recommending this training to everyone. I can’t wait to see you get this training out there and I know many caregiver facilities will be implementing this into their fields! Loved it!!”

“This was new information for me. I really enjoyed it. I came in thinking this was an ok subject, but kind of fluffy. I left seeing it as personally valuable.”

“It’s been years since I’ve attended a workshop – do everything on-line now. I almost bypassed this one because of the hassle of traveling, sitting all day, etc. I am so glad I didn’t. Thank you!”

“Excellent workshop! Suzie gave practical info that can be adapted to each person, profession, etc.”

“I truly respect your mission to IGNITE better self-care and thank you for all you are doing. This was truly helpful and may just inspire me to pursue similar work.”

“Great course! It should be mandatory by the BSRB for clinicians to have self-care CEUs.”

“Suzie was very non-judgmental, knowledgeable, and passionate about the subject. This is a course that should be offered more often as it was very helpful.”

“I LOVE the service you provide and the way in which you present!”

“Great workshop and presentation! I enjoyed the mindfulness portion and the meditation was very refreshing.”

“Engaging and the day went fast. Really good concepts to be aware of!”

“The meditations were very soothing and I already notice the changes.”

“Great for my job as well as my home life. It was great!!”

“Thank you!” I needed this, inspirational.”

“This was the BEST workshop I’ve ever been to regarding self-care.”

“Loved it!  Great ideas to apply to the real world with mindfulness and reducing stress.  Thank you!”

“Thanks Suzie!  I will pursue this further.  You have a great grasp of the topic!  Very interesting – I am now inspired to do some of my own inner-work.”

“So organized – Impressed with ease and power of your presentation.  It impacted me greatly!”

“Thank you, Suzie!  This may be the first time I stayed engaged for an entire workshop!”

“I have never meditated prior to this training – I guess I figured it wouldn’t work – when guess what…IT DID!”

“An absolutely informative workshop.  The material presented can be used immediately in the workplace.”

“I recommend this workshop to all mental health students, especially those of the social work  program.  They should be required to take this class.