Our Mission

To provide caregiving and business professionals with exceptional training workshops and resources in order to prevent/reduce burnout, increase resiliency and optimize personal/professional fulfillment.

Our Location

Self-Care Specialists is centrally located and based in Wichita, Kansas. In addition to serving the Midwest region, we offer training workshops throughout the United States.

Our Services

  • Self-Care Specialists offers progressive training workshops, consultation and therapy services for caregiving and business professionals
  • Individual self-care consultation and therapy services are available to assist in personal stress reduction, growth and healing.  Psychotherapy modalities utilized include EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy, and Psych-K (subconscious belief repatterning). 
  • Training workshops and presentations can be delivered in a variety of settings including at professional conferences, on-site at the organization, at training centers or in a retreat setting.
  • Self-Care Specialists will customize training and presentations to meet the unique needs and time specifications of your organization
  • Our training workshops are designed to bring awareness and inspiration to the participant regarding effective use of self-care techniques to help counterbalance the intensity of work stress.
  • The ultimate goal is increased resiliency, energy optimization, balance and wholeness in the caregiver/professional.
  • The result for the organization can include, but are not limited to: better service provided by its employees, increased productivity, decreased absenteeism and better inter-staff relations.
  • We offer continuing education for caregiving professionals including social workers, nursing and EMS professionals (pre-approved to provide CEUs through Kansas State Boards including KSBSRB and KSBN). See Care for Caregiver: Continuing Education for more information.